Welcome to Healthy Garden Healthy You – My Story

Welcome to Healthy Garden Healthy You


Everyone begins somewhere…

My kind began “In the Garden.” Generation after generation came and went, each beginning again, each with their passion, learning, and standing on the shoulders of ancestors before. Today I begin again, spirited, and adventurous at  age 73. Can you imagine starting Online Marketing at my age? Nor can I; but here I am!

Health challenged my life at age 64. I survived a stroke and learned some things. Now I have a dream.  My heart burns with passion for health and happiness .  I have a deep respect for the natural lifestyle that recovered my health and now keeps me well, without purpetual drugs.

Intense desire propels me to find a way to pay my way; my bank account dwindles while bills multiply; my reserves are near rock bottom. “I have this dream.” My family will not need to support me. I  found that for which I looked: a New Venture; A New Beginning!

Just this week an examining doctor checked my pulses, my arteries, my carotids. She pronounced them ‘clean.’ My blood pressure was 116/58. I shared with her what I learned, and she agrees. I will share why I am so happy about her report.           I  have passion to share how I am blessed with good health.

I have passion for writing; my Freshman Composition teacher cheered me on. I was even published, a delightful success at the time. Now, my goal is to earn comfortably in the marketing and affiliate marketing industry. I anticipate what I have yet to learn, following in the footsteps of my Wealthy Affiliate Friends before me.

Their examples encourage me to find my own trails and niches in life.  I want to complete my journey with a thriving business alongside, making healthy differences in the lives of my friends–YOU.  Many of you ask the same questions I asked years ago.  The answers I received improved my life and life expectancy.  My goal is reached when they find helpful answers to their questions.

Share something about your life that is could be interesting and relevant to your niche here. (several paragraphs)


My goal is reached when YOU find helpful answers to your questions.

Let us move to questions you may be asking:

  1. What ways maintain a healthy  lifestyle?
  2. Can I earn a living from home working part time during Covid days?
  3. You ask how I found Wealthy Affiliate?

Great questions. Three weeks ago I did not know about Wealthy Affiliate. Scrambling financially in this crazy world, I stumbled upon another system that sounded good: a ready-made method to success, a step in and learn as you earn. It was not cheap. As I explored their reality, I found the Wealthy Affiliate family.

  1. The reviews were flawless!
  2. It was affordable.
  3. Coaching–ah–exactly as needed for my lack of experience.

Twelve years ago. l quit training in Internet Marketing training, to care for my sick dad. The time together was precious;  I had the chance to know him better. The $12,000 I lost then was well worth the opportunity to become his friend. Today I begin again, following my two passions; I still have a dream.   What is the ‘I have a dream’ speech about?  Is it not about freedom?  Today I dream of being free from sickness: being healthy.  I dream of freedom from financial needs:  being a Wealthy Affiliate.  I dream that that which blessed me will soon you!

I anticipate success, sharing my journey with you, my Friends!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Surely Healthy

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