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Here you will find Information, products, tools and resources to support you if you decide to improve your lifestyle and health.  HealthyGardenHealthyYou is here to help…Please enjoy a look-around.

My Story

 My story began before I was born.  Fortunately, the health of my Family Tree contributed to healthy genes.  I grew up on a farm in a family promoting principles of healthy living. We did not put much thought into the question: What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  for most people lived that way.  

Since my parents and grandparents all had gardens, having good health came easier for me than for people today.  We ate produce from the garden:  fruits, grains,  vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Commercial products created from produce and chemicals, commonly eaten today, were infrequently used. 

Country fresh air, surrounded us; as we ran free as lambs, living a happy simple life.  Appetite did not dictate what I ate.  Mom told when she gave me a spoonful of pureed red beets, at 18 months old:  I promptly blew it all over mother’s pretty white blouse. Having acquired a taste by eating small portions every time they were served, asparagus, beets, cauliflower, and cabbage actually became favorite foods, today.

When WW2 recently ended; I was a Baby Boomer.   Since the war, excess bomb making chemicals were stockpiled; the government figured Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) from the soil,  made good fertilizer for gardens.  Today, we still have N-P-K fertilizers on the market, used extensively to fertilize farms and gardens.   Whereas trace nutrients which plants or humans might  utilize for health or growth, held little importance, over time imbalances became prominent, resulting in nutrient deficiencies showing up. 

In today’s market sweet carrots may taste  like cardboard; strongly acidic tomatoes have little flavor.  Dark green leafy vegetables, a food group on the food pyramid of meal planning, was one complete food group; we ate some every day. 

 Although highly nutritious, Greens also hold healing and detoxing properties. In today’s market, greens are less abundant; and many people entirely reject eating greens.  Today’s allergy epidemic, at a time when so many toxins exist poisoning our environment, we would do well to utilize the important nutrition and daily natural detoxing of this healthy food group.  

Grandma and Grandpa owned their own cows and chickens, feeding the cows hay and alfalfa while chickens ate grain laying mash, green weeds, and table scraps from the day’s meal .  They ran outside in the sunshine every day. 

Quality of milk and eggs decreased as quality of food and lifestyle deteriorated; Diseases among the flocks and herds required antibiotics to keep cows and chickens from dying before they could be marketed; which in turn made humans resistant to use of antibiotics when people became sick.  Everything is so convoluted that we do well to wonder, “What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?” 

Garden soil nutrients became over-balanced with major nutrients, while trace soil elements decreased, altering food flavors and changing nutrutional values, which made plants more susceptible to bugs, diseases and molds.  Bugs thrived and multiplied in toxic chemicals, developed to control garden ailments, which increased in strength. 

Mega-farms, focused on the almighty dollar, seldom added the missing elements for plant growth.  Small farms sometimes supplied the minor elements, but found organic methods more costly and less market competitive; even though the resulting produce is often more attractive and keeps better. 

Industries created products from produce and chemicals to appeal to appetites. They discovered cheaper chemicals could reproduce new flavors for less expense than food.  They now produced for marketability instead of nutrition.   

Chemicals became plentiful in the environment. Government watchdog supervisors were established to guard against toxins; but soon industry started paying the guards off, so more poisons could be introduced into our environment. Today we have few chemical protections.  In many cases we find the “Henhouse being ‘GUARDED’ by the FOX!'”

Do you see what has happened to our environment? our lifestyle?   Do you wonder, “Is it possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle?  So what IS maintaining a healthy lifestyle?” If we want better health, it is up to us to control our food supply by controlling the garden source, and caring for our environment.

And some ask, “What difference does it make?” inferring that it does not make any difference.  And that, my friends, just happens to be a lie.  The difference is increasing allergies, diseases, and autoimmune issues.  Modern medicine is a well-ordered system of chemicals doing various levels of harm to the human body. 

We were designed to eat from our garden, not chemical isolates, which have  many side-effects creating  increasingly more side effects. While dealing with the  symptoms of sickness, we fail to become well; instead, we ‘manage disease.’

We ask, “How is your health?” when we should ask, “How is your sickness?”  or “What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?” Sickness is worn like a badge of honor.  “I am a diabetic.”  If we would deal with the cause of disease, we often could become well!

Getting Personal About My Health?
 In 2011 I attended a women’s beach retreat.  My first evening there, I had a stroke, age 64.  They rushed me 45 minutes to a small community hospital.   Next morning, I went hungry.  I could not move my favorite food Scrambled Tofu 8″ without spilling most of it in the gap between the tray and my mouth. I had to have help getting from the bed to the bathroom.  I struggled to find the words I needed to express my thoughts.  Would life ever be the same for me?

The Goal Of This Site 

Health breakdown is now pandemic.  We must be Intentional about what is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  Disease thrives when nothing changes.  We want to be free of disease.  HappyGardenHappyYou seeks to provide information, supplies, methods and tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Let us learn together.  I think you will be surprised at the result.

My stroke could have been devastating!  Seeing me today, you might never guess that I had a stroke.  For years, now, I have managed my  health naturally; and my doctor approves!

Yours to a Happy, Healthy Future,

Shirley Heisey