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Free to Go

The phone rang. It was my daughter.

“Mom, how are you?”

“I’m fine, thanks. And you?”

“Can you come to Colorado? Diane needs help in the bakery. She can’t find good help. People like being paid not to work.”

After considering the offer:

  • Fare paid,
  • Place to stay,
  • Earn some money,
  • Only six months:
  • Hey!  This is a work online anywhere world!

“Okay, I’m Free to Go!.’ Diane had joint pain and could not manage the bakery alone.

I gabbed my bags and my computer, and was off to Colorado within a week. The delight of this temporary change was that I could take my employment WITH me.  

  • Take it with me.
  • Grab it and go.
  • It’s a work online anywhere world!
  • Keep on earning and learning.

So one week later, I found myself in another world.  The challenge was significant.  I moved into a brand new neighborhood, surrounded by neighbors I had never known.  I had my family 10-15 minutes away.  I knew some church members who welcomed me back.  It was 5 years since my last visit.

I left my plans back home, plans to plant a garden, dreams of watching the growth of landscaping I had yet to see, summer music fun within my local community.  Six months is half a year – Wow!  That long??

I found the bakery and Diane in deep need of an extra pair of hands.  Too much midnight oil had already been burned, leaving little reserve for the daily needs.  I found a task beyond my previous experience.  There was so much for me to learn: 

How do you make that Sandwich filling?  I forgot already.

Where is that piece of equipment?  That tool?  These ingredients?

Where did you say you want me to put this product?  I cannot find the pickles.

“When I am completing an order on the grill, don’t ask me questions. I lose my train of thought.”

The cash register!  Oh my!  It was electronic, online, not like the simple machine of my past experience.  Customers backed up in the noon rush while I searched for products they were buying.

And were they eating HERE, or wanting it TO GO?  The phone was ringing while I customers waited to order.  Which do I get first?  When I answered the phone, I could barely hear what they were saying, above the drone of motors and fans in nearly every corner.  Which customer ordered the Barbecue Seitan sandwich?  I forgot to get their name.

You need to hurry.  You need to keep this stocked.  Reorganize this drawer.  Get these supplies from the storage building.  Wash your hands when you return.  You need to learn the grill so I can do the business orders.  The pots and pans need washed, and we are nearly out of plates!  Hurry!  Did you finish making the potato salad?  I’m out of sliced peppers and onions!  Make the scrambled tofu first when you come in the morning.  Do it every day!  Keep at least two pans under the Sandwich Bar for back up.  When I’m grilling, I cannot wait!! 

The list was long and my memory was short.  Did I actually sign up to do THIS?!

Two months into this, I am beginning to learn the tricks and routines of the trade.  I know where most things are kept.  Knowing what I needed to know, my speed was increasing.  I was starting to, but no, I could not fill her shoes.  Still, I know that what I had accomplished helped her tremendously.  The things I did were things she did not have to do…COULD NOT have done.

When I get off work at days end, either four pm, or 5 pm., on various days,  I still may have pots and pans to complete, because I could not get to them when there was a rush of customers.  Diane may still have work to finish, and I wait for my ride home, where I can get off my tired feet.  When it is complete, she and I both breathe a sigh of relief.  Only, after a few hours of rest, if she CAN get to sleep, sometimes she returns to the bakery at 10 pm, or 1 am, to bake pies, burger buns, cookies, make Sunday Specials, her own barbecue sauce…Poor Diane…

Yet nearly daily new customers come in saying, “We are so glad you are here.  We just discovered you.  It is hard to find good Vegan food around here.  This place is wonderful.  We LOVE this place!!”  She has a wonderful ministry in a dark city.

Now my heart hurts because I know the secret; she plans to close at years’ end, or before if regulations demand that.

It is becoming increasingly hard to get supplies in a timely manner.  Costs have doubled.  Her prices HAD to go up.

I feel part of the Mission which was her dream when she started nearly 5 years ago. 

I think maybe I could carry on….NO!….I cannot fill her shoes.

She NEEDED me.  And I was FREE to GO!

What an awesome privilege!

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