Recover Quickly Sprained Ankle

Best thing Sprained Ankle

Have you ever sprained an ankle?  How long did it take you to recover?

Three days? A week?  Six weeks?  Usually you can expect the ankle to be affected much longer than desired!


I awoke in the morning, raring to start my day.  Today I would have three families helping me blitz a move from a dark, damaged temporary residence, where I lived for 2 years waiting for this very opportunity –  a light and airy new residence.  I was so eager to enjoy its beautiful environment, inside and out. There remained a few packing tasks that I personally wanted to do before the group arrived.  First, I would shower, eat  breakfast and finish my tasks before the gang came at 9 AM.

In the shower, my foot slipped.  I sprained my ankle!  Why?  Why did it have to happen TODAY?

I finished, dried and dressed, protecting my sore ankle.  I could barely walk.  I called and told my daughter.  She said, “Get off your foot.  Leslie will come and you direct her from your chair.” Just what I wanted to do….NOT!  But I had no choice.  “Eat breakfast.”  Eating breakfast, and staying off my foot, was a real oxymoron.  Impossible!  I did use an office roll chair that helped me negotiate between one side and the other of my 14′ kitchen.  It was not very functional, and I was not functioning well, either.  Great combination!  But I did get some beakfast.  Leslie arrived, and from the desk chair I was able to direct the commotion called “moving!”  It was difficult to totally stay off my foot.

Lunch-time came.  The workers gathered at my daughter’s home where a prepared meal was waiting.  By that time my ankle and foot were really hurting.  My daughter assessed the moving project and instructed the helping hands how to proceed.  Then she and I remained behind while the moving team went back to work.  

Heidi prepared and gave me a treatment to help my painful, swollen foot/ankle.  

“But what is best thing sprained ankle?” you may ask.  How do you take care sprained ankle?  These are excellent questions!

Many people go to the doctor for examination, receive his instruction, and this is what he might say:

      1.  Apply ice as soon as possible to slow or reduce the swelling.

      2. Stay off your foot! while the world swirls around you.

     3.  If it pains you too much, here is a prescription for pain meds.  It may be about 6 weeks before you can use it again.  Here is a brace to protect it.   Get crutches if you really must move about the home.  

I lived alone. What a fix to be in!

My daughter and I had a theory; would it work?  This is what we tried; and this is the result.

After noon lunch, Heidi gave me a hydrotherapy treatment. First, Hydro means water.  Hydrotherapy is a form of water therapy used in 1800’s and early 1900’s.  It has mostly been forgotten as the pill-popping medicine developed. Around Danville, NY was a popular health resort frequented not only by commoners, but popular among well-known leading citizens.

 There are several ways to do this.

It is an old-time way of helping people heal; but it goes against conventional wisdom.  There are two schools of thought,  both based on principles of physiology.

Sprained ankle care #1.  REDUCE the symptom – SWELLING.  Use ice cold initially to stop the swelling.     What are the expected results?  Swelling will go down so the injury can heal.  Does it work?  Yes.  How long does it take to heal?  Approximately six weeks.

Sprained ankle care #2.  INCREASE the circulation to hasten healing.  Use alternating Hot and Cold water baths on foot and ankle. What are the expected results?  Circulation will be increased at the site of injury, which may reduce swelling and hasten healing.  Does it work?  Yes.  How long does it take to heal?  We decided to find out.  My daughter worked where the doctor’s recommended and used this therapy successfully.

The Process          

We placed a piece of shower curtain, or hunk of plastic on the floor, large enough to protect the carpet or wood within the expected splash area.  We set up two wastebaskets side by side, tall enough for water to cover 10″ up my leg, and big enough at the base that my feet would fit in comfortably.  We treated both feet, as the treatment can have increased benefit reciprocally.

Because of swelling, we reduced the length of heat treatment from 3 minutes to 2 minutes hot water, but maintained the normal 1/2 minute in the cold.  Most Hot/Cold water-bath treatments are 3 changes of H/C, taking about 20 minutes.  We doubled the H/C cycle to 6 changes.  A good treatment always ends with cold, to close the pores of the skin. Following treatment, the patient rests 30 minutes, giving the body a longer circulation opportunity.

We started with icecubes in the cold water, and hot water comfortably hot.  After each cold change, it is followed by the hot increased to toleration.  Toleration increases as the blood starts to circulate.  You should see a healthy rosy glow develop in the treated part of the body.  Remember:  Always end with cold.  Dry the feet and patient rests 30 minutes lying down.

Day 1: 

 By Sunday evening I had received 2 treatments, and went home to rest and elevate my feet.  Heidi applied a poultice to the ankle, known to draw out inflamation and bruising. I wore it all night long.  Next morning my ankle felt good as new!

Day 2:  

In the morning  I took the poultice off.  My ankle felt SO much better.  I could walk, again!  But as I  walked and worked, the pain slowly returned. By noon I could barely walk again. Heidi gave another H/C Water bath; then she applied another poultice.  I elevated my foot as often as possible, and went home to bed after evening treatment.

Day 3:

Next day, I got out of bed, removed the poultice, and tested my foot.  Again, there was no pain.  As long as there was no pain, I kept using my foot.  I was on my foot all day long.  The sprain was gone in three days!

The best thing Sprained Ankle

I experienced that the best thing sprained ankle proves to be applying hot and cold alternate water therapy; then adding on the night-time poultice.  Keeping the injury elevated at night, and during the day as much as possible, aids good circulation.  Good circulation restores health at the site of injury.

Poultice instructions

Activated Charcoal draws out bruising injuries, and carries toxins away.   

To make the poultice:   3 parts Activated Charcoal Powder

                                      1 part Ground Flaxseed into meal

                                       Enough warm water to mix into soft Jelly consistency, but not to be too soupy!

Select bandage material (see suggestions below), and spread black jelly on an old piece of sheet, a paper towel; or, cut a “CHUX” underpad.    Place poultice on injury overlapping the surrounding skin by at least an inch.  Tape to secure in place over the injury.

NOTES:  Too dry is less effective; but too moist is a sloppy MESS.  This stuff will stain your sheets, bed clothes and carpet.    Mess prevention is easier than clean-up; but IF you have an accident, pour hot water through to rinse out as much as possible. 

Three ways to make a bandage:

1.  The delux method uses CHUX Underpad.  Cut to size with additional inch circumference beyond desired size.  Lay bandage, blue plastic down, white facing up.  Peel back the top white mesh and spread the black jelly on the soft cotton underneath.  Then replace the white mesh on top of the jelly.  Now, fold 1/2″ of blue plastic back over the white top all around the edge to help prevent leakage.  Secure with medical tape or staple in place.  Put the moist white centered poultice on the injury and tape in place.  

Protect the bed by placing a leak-proof plastic sheet covered with old towel on the bed in the area of your injury. 

2.  Follow the same process using layers of paper towel.  Wound and poultice may be wrapped in a plastic bag.  OR,  wrap with pressure adhesive self-sealing kitchen plastic wrap.  Good quality Saran Wrap may stick to itself well enough to create a leak-proof bandage cover.  I used plastic bag over the charcoal bandage, secured with masking tape.

3.  Buy pre-made charcoal sheets, and cut to size.  For best effect, moisten the premade pieces before applying.

Leave your choice of bandage on for a minimum 2 hours to overnight. When removing, wash with OLD washcloth.

Best Thing Sprained Ankle

Using hydrotherapy treatments together with Charcoal/Flax poultices cut the time of pain and injury.  Usual length of healing time would take about six weeks (around 42 days).  Using these treatments shortened the time of injury and pain by 39 days, over a month!  I am so thankful for these simple methods to help heal a sprained ankle.  I find the Best Thing Sprained Ankle to be H/C Hydrotherapy treatments combined with Charcoal/Flax poultices.

Consider this blessing in your hour of extremity! 

Do you have stories to share?

Surely Healthy          


Perfect Health Natural Way

Welcome Back!

Many people are looking for perfect health. What a great goal to have! Do we even know what that is??

What IS perfect health? Looking back to the beginning of life, the Creator formed man from certain elements of the soil. A handsome man lay on the soft grass. Not until Creator stooped to share His own Divine Breath did Man become alive. His brain started to function. Blood coursed through arteries, capillaries and veins. He took his first breath. That was the making of a living man. As we age, our extremities begin to chill as circulation diminishes. And when we die, the first thing others notice is that the blood stops circulating and breathing ceases. By definition, then,

“Perfect health is perfect circulation.”

Sickness, then, means anything that interferes with perfect circulation, whether it be flesh, bone or cartilage. Whether it be inflammation, injury or blockage, lack of fluids or nutrients. Our body functions depend on nutrition and fluids to do what they were designed to do. When those nutrients cannot reach the body parts because of poor circulation, we have a health problem. Our blood stream, the river of life, is essential to carry nutrition to the body, and take the toxins and waste from the body. With no way to transport through the body, we become sick. Our bodies function through circulation. This is the secret to perfect health. Perfect health natural way is anything we can do to maintain healthy circulation.

How can we improve circulation?

Natural Ways Improve Circulation

What are the ‘Natural Ways?’

The perfect world God made offer us several ways to improve circulation.

1. Water

Yes, drink plain pure water! Is this surprising? I once worked at a natural health clinic. We had a lifestyle guest come in who needed some blood work done. Try as we might, it was almost as bad as drawing blood out of the proverbial turnip. His blood was too thick to flow. His problem may have been too much cholesterol in the blood, which clogs the system. Water is the river the blood corpuscles flow on. Together with the minerals that normally flow through the blood, we need to drink enough water to maintain circulation!

Not only drinking adequate water, we need to use water outside our bodies, as well. Do you know that circulation may be stimulated through proper use of Hot and Cold water, applied to the body to produce stimulating effects to our system? Moderated Hot water draws the blood to the treated area. Brief Cold water pushes it away. Repeating Hot. Then Cold increases the circulation to that body part. Some problems are treated only with Cold, which will cool, then warm and draw the circulation to that area. The rosy glow on the skin pronounces our “Mission Accomplished!”

2. Sunlight

The rays of the sun carry healing in them. They purify and produce a healthy glow. They create the hormone Vitamin D3 through interaction on the skin. There are benefits from exposure to sunlight which we have yet to learn. Sunshine strengthens blood vessels, improves muscles and skin. Many of our diseases such as diabetes, heart issues, strokes, and others are benefited by “Fun in the Sun.”

Sunlight early in the day produces serotonin, which our body uses to produce melatonin, which helps us sleep better at night. Many people avoid sunlight, or work at night and miss daylight advantages. Most people live an indoor lifestyle, and would greatly benefit from planned sun exposure. Ten minutes a day of sunlight on the skin, even a small patch of skin the size of our faces, can give adequate sunlight, if we plan for sun exposure.

3. Moderation, Temperance,

Moderation, Temperance, is important. Sunshine strengthens blood vessels, improves muscles and skin; yet too much sunshine can burn the skin.

Few humans drink too much water; but there are healthy limits. Think: 1/2 your body weight in ounces is a good rule. Some people need more based on body weight, others less. AND, as you faithfully drink water, you may find your body looses weight, and you require less water!

4. Fresh Air

It is the work of the corpuscles to carry oxygen to the body, and toxins out of the body. Do we seek to breathe the cleanest air available daily? Go to the park and walk among the trees. Do you feel a sense of restoration? Trees are vital to life. Plants and greenery take our carbon dioxide and thrive on it, while expiring oxygen, which we greatly need. Human and animal life need trees and plants to purify our air, and share the benefits received from the exchange. Talk about the planning and wisdom of GOD! We should be protecting and respecting the forests. Look up the term ‘Forest Bathing.’ Try it sometime and see how you feel from the experience.

5. Rest

Sleep? Yes, sleep! Not too much, but the right amount at the right time of day! Stress is a killer. Rest is a healer. Rest between 9 pm and 2 am is golden time. The body restores itself, deals with toxins, heals during this precious time. Our “down time” lying prone, improves circulation in the whole body.

Sleep is vital to our health.

6. Exercise

Who doesn’t know that exercise circulates the blood? Moderation is good; no exercise, not good! If you cannot even stand, you can exercise your arms or legs, neck, etc. “Get a move on!”

7. Adequate Nutrition

The principle of VARIETY as in Eat the Rainbow colorful diet will provide many nutrients that encourage good circulation. Fruits, Nuts, Grains, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds–these provide the elements that promote good health.

8. Stress-Free Living

Relax! Trust in others, especially the Creator who authored the Principles of Health.

Remember: Perfect Health is Perfect Circulation. Perfect health natural way is anything we can do to maintain healthy circulation.

Wishing you WELL!

Surely Healthy

How Many Meals a Day?

How many meals a day?

Some people ask: How many meals a day should I eat?

Some advocate three meals a day. Some eat two meals a day. Some eat ONE meal a day….all day long!

How would your body feel at the end of the day, eating at every whim, giving your stomach no time to complete digestion before eating again?

Some doctors say it is healthy to eat five or six small meals a day, especially if you have diabetes.  If you have diabetes, consider finding a doctor willing to work with you on fasting and meal changes.  Some maintain disease; some seek to eliminate disease!

Even doctors disagree! Who is right?

Who is right on health?

I can understand the confusion with all the ideas that float in society.

May I share My thoughts? My reasoning? I am not a doctor; nor do I believe every doctor, which could tie your mind in knots!

You don’t have to believe me, either; but you would be wise to experiment on yourself. Try a concept on your own body. How have you been eating? How do you feel in a few days? in weeks, a month? After Years? Some experiments should be given up when the results are not good!

I know a lady doctor who is very healthy herself. She says, “Listen to your body!”   Many people listen to her.

Here are health principles I live by. I read about human physiology, and observe the effects of lifestyle practice in living people. I once worked where doctors reversed the cause of illness, to reverse disease and improve health. Many people improved their health by making simple lifestyle changes. Removing the cause of illness, they feel better and live well again.

This post is about, How many meals a day should we eat? Here are some basic concepts to start with:

NOTE: Every person’s body is different, yet, the same.

There are no hard, fast rules that apply to every person. I am not your standard of living. You yourself may try a concept for yourself for a day, a week, a month. Make notes and purposely experiment with your own body. See the results for yourself. One day is too short. Your body needs time to adjust.

NOTE:  Eating is not an addiction, nor an option.  How often and what we eat, MAY be an addiction.  .

Experimenting on myself, I learned that some of my food patterns were addictions. I felt that when others ate, I must eat. “I want some!” But I do not need everything my eyes tell me I want. Sometimes I must tell myself, “No. You do NOT need that!”

How do you care for your car?

EXAMPLE: A diesel car does not work well on gasoline, and the reverse is also true. So if you get a diesel car, do not put gasoline into it just because that is what you have habitually used in your previous car. You will ruin the engine.

Being creatures of habit may be good – if you have good habits! So, How many meals a day?

Living with certain habits just because that is “what we have always done,” may be the very reason we feel BAD. It may be the cause of Heartburn, stomach pain, intestinal gas, burping, indigestion, ulcers, and many illnesses.

Some people practice what is called “intermittent fasting” — which can occur two different ways:

A. Two Daily meals eaten 5-8 hours apart, with a 16-hours fasting period of no food until Break-fast.

B.  Not eating for a 24-hour period once or twice a week.

I prefer daily fasting, from afternoon into night, eating again at BREAK-FAST.

Here is the virtue of this lifestyle:
1) The body has time to rest. Going to bed with a full stomach, sleeping the sleep of stupor, does not let the stomach rest. The brain, which brain tissue is partly around the stomach and heart, as well as in our skull, does not rest.

2) Body healing and detoxing occurs during rest between 9 pm and 2 am. (Circadian rhythm). What good do you receive from watching the final one or two TV programs of the evening?  What good do you miss by missing vital sleep??  Do you enjoy being sick or in pain?

3) Too many meals in a day promote poor digestion, partly from overload. Our bodies cannot handle the glut of food. Fasting helps a person feel refreshed. FASTING is good for the body system. It is helpful to fast a whole 24-hour period at least one day a week. But intermittent fasting works well for those who have jobs and physical exercise demanding more nutritional support.

4) Interrupting the digestion process by even a bite of food before next meal, stops digestion, and does not resume where it left off. There is a process that begins in the mouth, moving food to the stomach, to be released into the intestines. What science has learned is that additional food introduced after digestion begins, must start at the beginning again. This delays digestion of the first and second loads, allowing fermentation to develop in the warm body environment. Eating between meals is a harmful habit! Five to six hours between meals has great benefits to our health.

4) I personally have feel best eating two meals a day.  When I routinely eat three meals a day, I start to feel bloated.  I have a slower metabolism.  I know someone who tried to eat two meals a day, but they feel better on three meals.  They have a fast metabolism and did heavy work.

A.  Healthy Nutritious Breakfast starts my day, including adequate vegetarian protein to keep energy levels up during the typical 10-11 am “mid-morning slump.”

A good breakfast can prevent that lack of energy during the mid-morning slump. A typical coffee and doughnuts “breakfast”lets you down about 10 am, then comes the need to  grab a sweet treat for a quick burst of energy between meals, masking the fact that their meal provided inadequate nutrition.

B. The Second Meal, 6 hours later, eating a quality meal can sustain to the end of the work day. Variety is KEY.  See post, Eat the Rainbow.

C. Breakfast (fruit/whole grains/nuts), or Dinner (whole grains/vegetables/nuts), may easily switch roles to support nutrition and work schedule situations. Breakfasts may be simple meals, while Dinners take more time to prepare.  Which works best for your schedule?

D: Grains, nuts and vegetables, (a typical dinner) may be eaten in the morning, switched out for fruits, grains and nuts (a typical breakfast), as the energy needs decrease toward the end of the day.

5). The principle is, when do you need the energy? at the end of the day? or at the beginning of your day? Simple question: When does your car utilize fuel: During the journey? Or, After the journey?

6) Your latest meal should be no less than 3 hours before your rest begins, to get the best rest. That would suggest optimum dinnertime is not later than 6 pm, but could be earlier.

7) A second meal should not be supplied until the first is digested (usually within 5-6 hours), based on time to digest the meal, and allowing the stomach a chance to rest.

When a person eats between meals, the new food introduced STOPS the digestive process, and the stomach has to start over with the new food to prepare it for the next stage of digestion, thus delaying the first meals digestion process before the first food can leave the stomach. This gives time for the first meal to sour in the warmth of the body. Repeating this interruption promotes sour stomach and stomach pains.

8) Washing food down with drinks, cold or hot, likewise is not the best way to eat.

We should drink one to two glasses of warm to TOLERABLE HOT water 30 minutes before the meal,  preparing the stomach for digestion. Chewing food thoroughly before swallowing removes the need to wash the food down. Forgetting,  or not being able to drink beforehand, may leave a person too dry to digest food, so a LITTLE water may be required during the meal. A component of digestive saliva is WATER; but too much water during the meal dilutes the digestive juices and hinders digestion.

9) Drinking water after a meal should only happen an hour after the meal, to not interfere with the digestion process, diluting stomach acids.

8) There is a story from the past that has been used to illustrate what happens when meals are supplied too frequently.

Little Maid was given the task of making butter….a process of churning cream into butter, resulting in the separation of butter from buttermilk. A butter churn was a wooden barrel tapering from the top to the bottom. and a long handle with a “dasher” at the bottom. This fit into the wooden barrel, and was pumped up and down to churn the cream into butter.
The maid churned away until the butter clumps were beginning to form. Her arms were tired and her back ached; but she stayed by the task. She was happy that she would soon be done as the butter begn to clump.
Just then, the Lady of the house found more cream and hastened to ad it to the buttermilk and forming butter. With a sigh the maid resumed pumping the dasher up and down, up and down, but as she worked, her motions started to slow as her arms were so tired. Nearly through, in alarm she heard the Lady coming her way—MORE CREAM! She was almost through with the butter! Tears began to form in her eyes; but she did not dare show the Lady her frustration. Slowly she pumped, up and down, up and down, up – and – down until exhausted, she could not force one more pump. Her tired arms, just quit….

So also the stomach gives out when over-worked with more and more food, or over-eating.

9) Final Point: The people who advocate 6 small meals a day for diabetics, are usually the same people who advocate that diabetes cannot be cured; only maintained.

But the question remains: How many meals a day?

With the above information, with experimentation, you may be able to answer that question for yourself.

Wishing you success in whatever your heart and hand find to do. Your success interests me. I welcome your comments.

Surely Healthy

The Laws of Health

“The Creator of The Garden is the Author of the Laws of Health.”

Perfecting Perfection

Humans cannot improve what GOD has made. We find wherever the hand of man has touched, life-giving properties have been destroyed. Where we seek to follow His life-promoting Health Principles, He works with us, showing us better ways.

Our water is polluted. Our air is polluted. Soils have been polluted. Foods have been altered and raised in unnatural ways. Our food has been depleted of vital nutrients because our soils have been devitalized from poor farming practices. The lifestyle of mankind has come so FAR from the Principles of Health, that it is impossible for humans to return as a nation, or as the world, to God’s Principles of Health. But we are not hopeless! Individually we can make the CHOICE to move as close as possible to Creation’s Principles of Health and Happiness.

The closer in this life that we come to the way God designed our world, the healthier and happier we will be. Our CHOICES must be intentional. As others seek to make those choices FOR us, we must seek the Wisdom of our Maker, Lover of our Lives.

Future posts will talk about ways we may improve our foods, through better gardening practices. If we use mostly products from the stores, we are eating foods mostly altered from the way God originally made them. Even if we eat produce from the grocery stores—which many of us must do in these days—we are eating foods contaminated by toxins and chemicals, even expensive organic foods. Our best option in finding healthy food is to provide for ourselves as much as we can. If you raise the garden, you can do it the best way you know how. You do not have to bow to another human’s conscience who is swayed by money rather than life-sustaining ways.

Return to Nature’s Ways

HOW can we do that in this non agrarian society? We must explore our possibilities. We must ask the same God of Holy Wisdom how we can provide for ourselves what is best–the best we can do. When we do our BEST, we can TRUST GOD for the REST.

The Promise

The promise of God in the Bible Book of Exodus 15:23-26 — The story happens during the exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land. (Does anybody see similarities between their day and ours? Keep that in mind). Moses is pressed by the people when they find bitter water they could not drink. The people did not know that Moses, their human leader, was led by God. They experienced trials to help them learn God would help them if they would ask. The people accused Moses of bad leadership in their critical need of water. Moses turned to God. “What shall I do?” God showed Moses how to make the water sweet and drinkable. Moses obeyed, using a natural remedy, a tree God provided for them to make the water safe to drink. Now they could drink the water.

Verse 26, Then GOD “said, If you will diligently listen to the voice of the Lord your God and will do that which is right in His sight, and will give ear to His Rules, and keep all His Principles, I will put none of these diseases upon you, which I have brought upon the Egyptians; for I am the Lord that heals you.”

Paraphrased:  God tells His people:

“If you listen to what I tell you, and follow all my Commandments and Principles of Life, I will not let you get sick with diseases like I allowed the Egyptians to get, who did not follow my Principles of Life. I am the LORD that HEALS you!”

One of His last words to us through His Messenger John is in 3 John 2: “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.”


Many people today are asking, What ways maintain health?

More people ask this than ever before. They seek to stay well amid st a storm of sickness. Some people call it a pandemic. Others say plandemic. Whatever your line of “truth” the answer is vital. Our lives are threatened from many directions. It seems that the answer holds the key to our staying well, and sometimes, even ALIVE!

Let us return to a page I posted about the creation of the world. Here is a prominent fact. Take heed:

The Creator of ‘the Garden’ was the Author of the Laws of Life!

The WAYS that maintain health actually came from “The Garden Principles of Life and Health. God created Health. He created the most healthy environment. What ways maintain health? What was the perfect environment that promoted good health?

If you have ever read the Bible, you will find that the generations that came from the Garden lived 930 years; 969 years; 830 years… You get the picture. Do you know anyone who lived that long? Not in our generations! In fact, people in our lifetime rarely live even to 120 years. Do you know any of them? There have been a very few.

At the time of the flood, a few people lived +/- 600 years. The plus or minus hardly mattered. 600 years is still a long time to live. What reduced their longevity by 200-300 years? There was a change in their diet after the flood. That is another topic we could cover, later. May it be said that people before the flood started forgetting ways maintain health. Diet must be important. Ways maintain health must matter. By the time of King David, he noted that the average life span of man is “3 score and 10 years.” That means 70 years.

When the world was created, at the completion the Creator said, “It is very good!” What does “very good” mean, anyway? Is that something that should be changed? Should people try to change something that is ‘very good?’

“The perfect world was life sustaining, and begs the question: ‘How can perfection be improved?'”

How can perfection be made any better? Something to think about, isn’t it?

Here is what I think. See if you agree with me. I’d like to know!

How can mankind make perfection better? Humans cannot improve what GOD has made.

We find wherever the hand of man has touched, life-giving properties have been destroyed. Where we seek to follow His life-promoting Health Principles, He works with us, showing us better ways.

What are these life-promoting principles? let us review what happened at creation to learn ways maintain health!

garden principles:

Let us name them:

1. Adequate Daily Rest

2, Fresh Air

3. Pure Water

4. Sunshine

5. Good Nutrition

6. Physical Exercise

7. Moderation Temperance Balance

8. Trust in Divine Power

9. Selfless Living

10. Educate Yourself

Our water is polluted. Our air is polluted. Soils have been polluted and depleted. Foods have been altered and raised unnaturally. Our food has been depleted of vital nutrients because our soils have been devitalized from poor farming practices. The lifestyle of mankind has come so FAR from the Principles of Health, that it is impossible for humans to return as a nation, or as the world, to God’s Principles of Health. But we are not hopeless! Individually we can make the CHOICE to move as close as possible to Creation’s Principles of Health and Happiness.

The closer in this life that we can come to the way God designed our world, the healthier and happier we will be. We must make intentional CHOICES. As others seek to make those choices FOR us, we must seek the Wisdom of our Maker, Lover of our Lives. Is it possible? Let us educate ourselves. These ways maintain health. 

Eat Rainbow Every Day for Nutritional Variety. Color coded foods guide to Rainbow nutrition.Story.

Eat Rainbow Every Day for Nutritional Value

A New Habit for Life!

Humans being creatures of habit, often prepare for work,  rushing out the door every day, grabbing a donut and coffee, on the way to work. Many take no time to sit down to a good breakfast and share the meal around the family table.What if each of us took time to eat the rainbow every day? Do you think it could improve our health and life? Read on:

Color Coded Foods Guide to New Healthy You

So what are the colors in the rainbow? Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Violet. Indigo. These are the colors associated with Light. A triangular shaped prism can separate out the colors of LIGHT. They also are the colors that encircle the throne of GOD. The Creator of this world has given us the colorful world in health-promoting FRUITS, NUTS, GRAINS and VEGETABLES, a rainbow of color to eat.


  • RED – Strawberries, tomatoes, radishes, watermelon, raspberries
  • ORANGE – Oranges, carrots, squash, cantaloupe sweet potatoes
  • YELLOW – Peppers, summer squash, cherries, apricots, rutabagas
  • GREEN – Broccoli, kale, peas, green beans, Brussels sprouts
  • BLUE–Blueberries, blue potatoes, of course
  • PURPLE – Purple Eggplant, Purple onions, blackberries, dark cherries
  • BLACK – black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds


Carrots are good for your eyes. Why? Carrots are orange, the color of Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, which is good for the eyes, skin and hair. Beta Carotene is found in many foods: tomatoes, dark leafy greens, broccoli, squash, sweet potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, cantaloupe, mangoes, apricots, all high in vitamin A.

The synthetic form of beta-carotene in high quantities has been linked to cancer risk. Beta-carotene from whole foods does not have this risk, as the body takes from the natural plant-based source, only what amount it needs. Plant sources also avoid  cholesterol risks found in the animal connections. Fish, a good source of Vitamin A, has mercury risks from water pollution issues .

Vitamin A is only one nutrient among many, which our bodies need to maintain health and well-being. A variety of colors give us a variety of vitamins and minerals, fats and biological value in protein.. Taking the vitamin in any one form or food source is not as effective as the vitamin complex from many plant sources. This is an excellent illustration of the benefits we may have when we eat the rainbow vegetables every day.

Rainbow Nutrition

Our bodies, complex by design, are extremely efficient at staying well, when provided with adequate nutrition. Variety is essential to  health. And for the body to use the nutrients we get from our food, we need other nutrients. The nutrients work together in synergy., creating more power in the body from the many together than each of the single nutrients alone.

Returning to our conversation on Vitamin A. To digest Vitamin A, we need good fats, Vitamins D, K-2, zinc and others are required. Nutrients are all interrelated. Science has learned so much; but they continue to learn more. And more. Many of the nutritional elements we talk of today were not heard of when I studied nutrition in college. Science does not know everything. This is why we need to eat the rainbow every day!

Rainbow nutrition does not mean that we need to eat every food we know every day.  Our plates should include many colors, but different colors every day throuout the week.  Variety is the key to good health, variety not only in color, but in ways of preparing foods, whether fresh, frozen or cooked.

Color Me Healthy

Another story from my life illustrates the need to eat the rainbow every day.

In college, I studied through two summers. I had classes in the morning and  studied in the afternoon. Efficiently, I ate lunch while studying and sunbathing all summer long. I had a beautiful tan! But what a surprise; I also had something else.

I liked a certain meal and feasted on it every day. Preparing this natural food daily, natural whole-grain brown rice topped with tomatoes, cashews, diced onions and celery,  cornstarch thickening, seasoned with sweet basil and a little honey, I ate this delicious meal every day! But I had no salad; nothing raw. I failed to provide a variety of foods. Vitamin C in raw foods, is destroyed by cooking.

What sickness results from Vitamin C deficiency?  Knowing the principles, I passed the tests; but failed to put 2 + 2 together in my own life.

We moved to Texas. Working mornings in the cafeteria while my  husband studied in college, I returned home at noon to prepare lunch and eat with my husband, then  flopped onto the bed exhausted, before returning to work in the cafeteria. Up and down my shins were bruises, and my legs were puffy with fluid. I could not recall hitting my shins on anything. My health went down, and my husband called his mother, who had spent her life helping people overcome health issues using simple methods. She said, “Come on home. I will work with her.”

On fresh vegetable juices, I started to improve.  A doctor friend visited one day. I told him my symptoms. He replied instantly,  “You had scurvy!”

I was so embarrassed, studying nutrition, and unable to recognize my own symptoms. I knew he was right. The variety of vegetable juices she prepared for me daily were replenishing my system with nutrients I had not been eating over the summer, including Vitamin C, when I failed to eat the rainbow each day and sweat profusely under the hot sun.


Good nutrition is very simple when you eat the rainbow every day.

The more we learn about diet and garden healthy lifestyle, the better our health will be.

We do not have to be “Rocket Scientists” to maintain good health. It can be very simple when we learn the principle to eat the rainbow every day.

Garden Principles: Life and Health

Garden Principles:  Life and Health

Beginning with CHAOS… 

Darkness is everywhere – there is NO LIGHT! Something is there, alright; but in that state it is “void” meaning, a big worthless mess. In such chaos, a mixed up mess of gases, liquids and solids we call “Matter,”  there is no support for life.

He tells us in His Word, The Bible. The story is in Genesis, which means “Beginnings,” Chapters 1 & 2. Would you like to follow along and compare?

Light and Night

A voice speaks: “Let there be light!”  When He speaks, things happen. Explosively, Light IS, Glorious Light, contrasting vast darkness. Light and Darkness do not mingle. Darkness withdraws in the presence of Light.

CREATION makes sense of chaos. Separating Light from Darkness, makes a time for rest, and a time for work. It is Good!

Air, Water and Land

Separating  Liquids from Gases, He creates Water to drink and Air to breathe.   It is Good!

He separates WATERS below AIR into one place, and MUD containing solids, – mineral elements – into another area.  As the Waters drain away,  Dry Land appears. There is Land, and Sea. Now He plants trees,  flowers and grass. Vegetation bears seed to reseed itself again. The water keeps plants alive!  Water of Life!  The Air contains gases including oxygen and carbon dioxide, two key gases to support life.  Plants need carbon dioxide while animal and mankind need oxygen to survive.  One takes in and expires for the good of the other, both plants and animals.  It is Good!

HE designs gentle lights–Stars and Moon–scheduling regular rest cycles of night. The Moon marks time into months and sets boundaries for Ocean Tides. Daylight from Sun warms the soil,  drawing moisture from earth to water plantlife with dew. Warmth brings healing and life to the World. The Sun marks days,  seasons, and years.  He uses the Sun for signs in the Heavens, the  Air Space between the Waters above and waters below.  The sun purifies the world.  It even becomes the source of hormones and nutrition for life.

From Chaos He has brought Order, and support for all Living things.It is Good.

Earth Now Supports Life!

Pure air with its life-giving oxygen, carbon dioxide supporting green trees and plants; other gasses abound in Earth, Air and Sea. Pure waters brought forth by night and day temperatures, condenses to dew, watering plants, and flows to streams to rivers to  Ocean. The sun draws moisture into clouds to repeat the cycle of watering plant and animal life.  Greenery provides food  for life, both on land and in sea.  Joy fills the atmosphere as He who has power to create anticipates the delights of His creations. Birds of all kinds fill the heavens, swooping, flying through the pure air, cheering the atmosphere with sweet unique tweets, whistles, and melodies, some at night, and most by day, . Multi-colored fish  jump and dive through clean Seas.  Each bird and fish reproducing themselves,  populate and fill sea and sky. So ends the activities of Night and Day Five. It is Good

Land Animals and Human Beings

The Creator of Earth and Heaven is not through. Excitement mounts as each creature is more spectacular than the previous. Today He will enjoy creating the Animals: tiny living creepy crawlies bring life to the soil and pollinators of trees and flowers; soft cuddly rabbits, happy wiggly puppies; aloof cats big and small, nocturnal and daytime creatures, cows and horses, deer, koalas and kangaroos, lemurs, bears, lions and tigers, leopards and pandas; what an array of textures, colors and personalities, some to work, some to enjoy, some to be friends, and all for pleasure.

The Creator reaches down and ruffles soft hair on  dog’s head as, waggling his tail. he lifts gentle eyes upward to the Creator. Creator laughs as  monkey waits his turn for love, then leaps directly into Creator’s arms, wrapping long furry arms about His Maker’s neck. With satisfaction the Creator sighs. There remains one deep longing in Creator’s heart. He wants to love and communicate, matching mind with mind, emotions and feelings with beings like Himself. Warm and happy relationships with the animals, leaves this one desire they cannot meet.

“I will create mankind with powers to think and to do, to plan and respond with willing hearts, to express mutual love and pleasing obedience, with freedom to choose.  Let us make MAN, like Ourselves.”

Creator’s Companion

He stoops to the soil, moistened by dew of heaven, and sculpts the form of mankind, with nose, mouth, eyes, hair, the form of a man, with every body organ in prime health. He is pleased. Breathing into his earthen form the breath of LIFE, man becomes a LIVING soul. He becomes the living Adam, the first human being, made of, humus, earth’s minerals, and the life-producing breath of his Creator. For the first time he fills his lungs with heaven’s pure air.  He opens his eyes and sees for the first time his Creator’s gaze looking down.  Man senses he is loved by His Maker.

Taking Adam by the hand, Creator lifts Adam to his feet. “Come, I have something to show you. Creator introduces Adam to each animal, bird and fish. “These are for YOU.”  Adam softly repeats, “For me?!”

“For you!” Creator repeats.

How unique and beautiful!  Adam thinks.  “What do you call them, Lord?”

“Adam, how would you like to name the animals?”

Adam studies them: their appearance, their characteristics, how they respond to him. Slowly an idea forms in his mind. “Elephant!” “Tiger.” “Ox.” “Monkey.” “Sheep.” And Creator smiles at Adam’s enthusiasm for each animal creation.

Each animal comes in pairs, male and female. He wonders, Where is my companion?  Suddenly he feels so alone, just as Creator God has felt–alone. Feeling tired, Adam relaxes on soft grass and falls deeply asleep. His Maker is glad that Adam notices his need for a companion.

Adam’s Companion

While Adam sleeps, Creator takes of Adam’s flesh, a rib from Adam’s side, and forms the most exquisite creature.  Awakening Adam, their Maker brings Eve to Adam’s side. Adam cannot take his eyes off Eve.  Eve looks back. Adam in his strength has a gentle companion to love and nurture, and to share life. They share happiness, love, purpose and responsibility. God reveals that their happiness, life and health will continue as long as they remain in His natural plan for Life and Health.  He created a perfect world; they must maintain it.

He gives them dominion over all creation, not to dominate, but to guide and nurture, as God nurtures them, as they nurture each other in love. Their joy has no limit. Creator, Adam and Eve and all  Creation receives to give. As they receive of God’s benefits; they share and pass it on. Even the water flows along, receiving and sharing its life-giving properties, supporting life along the banks of streams and rivers on the way to the ocean, which also receives to give back , watering the earth with mists. Peace, harmony and happiness are everywhere.

The Garden Home

Creator makes a Garden Eastward, giving the First Couple their wonderful wedding gift–a new home. Together, Creator, Adam and Eve rejoice.

DAY 6 was such a long, long day, but they are not tired. They just need to think and ask questions. In the quiet light of the moon, they relax, or walk through the Garden Home, thinking how wonderfully GOOD God is. How much He loves them. Their hearts respond in  love and praise for Him. The new world is VERY GOOD.

First Holiday – Remember NOT to Forget

Creation complete, Day 7 begins with evening’s rest. Creator, Adam and Eve enter into a Relationship of trust. The sun awaken them; they are eager to explore the wonders of their garden home, fresh from the hand of Love and Light. They have so many questions to ask.  Creator has so many answers and information to share.  Happiness fills the atmosphere. Creator overflows with  joy.  Adam and Eve Worship and praise their Creator for His marvelous works. The seventh day becomes a memorial to His creative power that completed this perfect world. Its sacred hours are filled with celebration; time to strengthen their friendship; to know each other better, more deeply than before.  As long as they remember the power and love of their Maker, they are secure in Life and Happiness.

He declares the Seventh Day a special day, “Sabbath” dedicated by the Lord God, specifically for man’s rememberance. So many questions were asked by the pair; and Creator answered them all. “Sabbath was made for Man to remember,” Creator said. The Principles of LIFE are complete. Life Instructions are shared.


In the Garden God Created the Principles of Health: As God created the earth, and populated it with plants, it all happened in proper order. Plants cannot exist without sunlight, soil nutrients, good water, and pure air. Before plants were made, the sunlight, dry land, and clean water were created. The birds, fish and animals needed soil, water, air and food before birds were made. His “crowning act of creation. Humanity—Adam and Eve—needed fresh air, pure water, sunlight, good nutrition, activity and exercise, a trusting relationship with their Creator. We find everything made in proper order. Humankind could not survive without clean air, pure water, sunlight, food to eat. They needed time boundaries, physical exercise (garden management), moderation, a positive relationship with their Creator, a life-supporting environment, and time to Remember, and worship their Creator every week.

The process of creation was life-sustaining. At the end of each day, God could look over His work and say, “It is GOOD.” At the conclusion of His work of Creation, all things were Good, YES, “VERY GOOD.” In fact, it was “Perfect.

How can Man improve on God’s Perfection?

How I Use Lemons

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My Friend Simone, “What Do You Do with Your Lemon?” Your blog made a very good point. Use what you have on hand to bless others! That should be a way of life. Thank you for refocusing us on thoughtfulness for others. With apologies to you, I respond to some of the responses you received to your blog. There are other ways to use our lemons. I do not ignore the point of your blog, but here I answer your question: How do [I] use [my] lemons?

Lemons can be expensive. Sometimes they sit in my refrigerator and start to mold before I can use all of them. I needed to find more ways to use lemons, as they are very healthy foods. I have never set down with a lemon and eaten it like an apple. But I needed to find the best uses for lemons, and the most cost-effective ways to keep from losing their value in a pile of mold in my refrigerator!

First thing, it is good to know that the rind of lemons has as much value, and possibly more, than the juice of the lemon. But to use any lemon and get the most for my money, I start with the best lemons — ORGANIC — which do cost more money. If I use the WHOLE LEMON, it is worth that extra cost. Organic Lemons often keep longer, too; but using them as I will explain, the lemons will not sit in my refrigerator for long, growing mold as I scramble to use them before they rot.

I am not going to tell you how to use them for “The Master Cleanse,” which some of you already know, and is a very GOOD use of lemons in today’s society. But I will tell you how best to get my money’s worth out of good lemons while they are in season, and cost effective.

Regular lemons, as all citrus, are usually heavily sprayed with very toxic chemicals to prevent insect damage and disease problems. The chemicals may be difficult to remove; but you don’t want those chemicals to add to your diet! So start with the best: ORGANIC LEMONS.

One way you can quickly deal with lemons for the best ways to use lemons, wash them well, chop them into chunks, and blenderize them nearly smooth. Freeze the mash in ice cube trays, repackage and store in the freezer. That’s the simplest way, in a lemon peel.

I do not recommend that, however, because the strong peel flavor is mixed with everything else, and you have no way to control how much of that strong flavor you are mixing into your food. For some people, that works. I choose to use another way, which I consider the best uses for lemons.

1) Starting with the best lemons: Wash them well to remove any handling and transport dirt.

2) Cut Lemons in half and juice them. Pour the juice into ice cube trays and freeze. When frozen, empty cubes into storage bags and close securely. Now they can be stored and kept on hand to be used as normal lemon juice in many recipes. Allow time for cubes to thaw, or add to cooked foods, such as hot cooked spinach, stirring to melt. Lentil Soups team well with lemon, as the lemon is high in Magnesium, and aids digestion. It also gives a little spike in flavor.

3) Take the peel and thin-slice the rind. Turn and mince the rind the other direction. Place all the minced rind loosely in ziplock bags. Place in freezer along with the lemon ice cubes.

The rind, is a little more tart, so go easy until you know how much to add to your foods.

I like to take a tabelespoon of rind and mix it into my salads in place of lemon juice. Minced fairly fine, I do not even notice the rind in my salads. The same can be done with other foods, like over hot mashed potatoes. I make fruit and vegetable smoothies with a dash of lemon, juice or rind. Vegetarian cheese substitutes take well to citrus’ tart flavor. When cooking certain vegetables, the last minute addition of lemon juice or rind adds just the right seasoning to pique the flavor. Sit down to a hot cup of tea? Drop in a lemon cube to melt and cool.

If you try this and like the idea, I would be happy to know. But whether I know or not, I want you to get your money’s worth and find the best uses for healthy lemons in your diet choices.

This is my way to bless you in ways to use lemons.

Happy Eating,

Surely Healthy

This is My STORY


Healthy Garden-1

To my new website: Healthy Garden Healthy You! I hope you enjoy what is here. In time, I will explain what this Title means, and what it can mean for You!

This is My STORY

Everyone begins somewhere…

My kind began “In the Garden.” Generation after generation came and went, each beginning again, each with their passion, learning, and standing on the shoulders of ancestors before. Today I begin again, spirited, and adventurous at age 73. Can you imagine starting Online Marketing at my age? Nor can I; but here I am!

Health challenged my life at age 64; I did not expect to have a stroke. In the hospital the next morning, eating breakfast I went hungry! One-third of my Scrambled Tofu, one of my favorite foods, made it from the tray to my mouth; the rest fell into the 8″ gap between the tray and my mouth! I felt like a pig making such a mess, and still hungry! I needed help just to get out of bed to go to the bathroom! In two weeks I was expected to play my violin with 4 other people in a 2,000 member church. My hands were weak. My fingers would not obey my brain. Would I recover enough to play with my musician friends? I could not let them down! While still in the hospital, I prayed, “Lord, please help me regain strength and ability.” I flexed my fingers again and again, and continued to pray. Two weeks later, I walked up 8 steps to the platform and played with my friends; God helped me. It took longer for me to regain word recall. Mid-sentence, I knew what I wanted to say, but could not find some words.

Let me be clear: hospitalized, a doctor put me on medicine to prevent further strokes. Released to go home, I expected to take medicine the rest of my life; even medicine that eventually causes the very problem from which I want to be free (Yes, read the fine print under: Side Effects,) I searched diligently for the causes of my stroke, and worked to rebuild my walking and balance. Practicing my violin developed the damaged parts of my brain. But “What ways maintain a healthy lifestyle?”

Seeking Answers

Taught to reason from Cause to Effect, my mind mulled this concept: “Disease does not causeless come.”

There are reasons that we get sick. I want to know: What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle? I searched out answers to my questions. Now I know why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important! I started asking questions like, “What ways maintain a healthy lifestyle?” I needed answers because I refused to stop living. Reading, listening and experimenting with information, I wanted the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Now I have a dream. My heart burns with passion for health and happiness. My passion is to share with others the things I have learned and experienced, maybe in time to prevent you and others from having to endure a stroke or other lifestyle breakdowns. Medical care is not always remedial. How much better to prevent the calamity before it happens. I did not see it coming, but I could have. Looking back, there were many reasons I had a stroke.

Are you a candidate for a stroke? Heart disease? other diseases? Do you know: “What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?”

How Blessed I Am

Today I teach classes and speak fluently. I play the violin at church. Most people do not know I had a debilitating stroke 12 years ago. Just this week an examining doctor checked my pulses, my arteries, my carotids. She pronounced them “clean.” My blood pressure was 116/58. I shared with her what I’ve learned; and she agreed.

I have passion to share how blessed I am with good health. As my bank account dwindles and bills multiply, my reserves sit near rock bottom. “I have this dream,” that my family will not need to support me. I have intense desire to find a way to pay my way; I think I have found the solution: a New Venture; A New Beginning! By sharing healthful information with people wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we can both be winners. Caring for health saves medical bills.  What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  Quality of life improves; avoiding costly medical issues; add joyful priceless dimensions to life. Who would not want to live like that?

I recently joined a group of Wealthy Affiliates who are showing me how to spread the word about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By sharing what I know can accomplish both goals while benefiting You!

I enjoy writing. My Freshman Composition teacher cheered me on. I was even published, a delightful success at the time. Now, I want to earn comfortably in the affiliate marketing industry while making information and resources available to you so you can learn what is maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  You may share your blessings with others, a very good feeling, indeed!

I am encouraged to find my own trails and niches in life. I want to complete life’s journey with a thriving business alongside, while making healthy differences in the lives of my friends–that’s YOU. Many of you ask the same questions I asked years ago. The answers I received improved my life and life expectancy. My goal is reached when you find helpful answers to your questions, and ways to improve YOUR life. You may even be so happy at the changes in your life, (whatever they are), that you would also like to share your blessings as I am today!

Do you ever ask yourself: What ways maintain a healthy lifestyle? Maybe you can save yourself an experience like mine.


How blessed I am with good health. My heart burns with passion for health and happiness. It brings me great happiness to bless others as I have been blessed. The answers are simple, something most people can do. The freedom from depression, the lack of sickness, the saving money in medical bills, all promote happiness. I am not saying that you will never get sick. All of us have health strengths and health weaknesses. Our success of living a happy life comes much easier if we take charge of our own health. Who knows our own bodies better than we ourselves? We can train ourselves to be body-conscious.

It is far better to prevent disease than to maintain disease. Health care does not always have to be remedial. Medical care, on the other hand, is mostly maintaining the disease. People often talk about “their disease” as if it were a badge of honor. Unless you want to be sick, and find your identity in sickness: diabetes, stroke, heart disease, whatever your problem, there is more joy in living well than in suffering the effects of being sick, maintaining disease. Maybe this applied information,  can PREVENT your illness and MAINTAIN your health, instead of MAINTAIN your sickness.

Are you a candidate for a stroke? Heart disease? Covid??? Ask yourself the question, “What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?”

In Covid?? These Days, having good immunity is to our advantage! Many live in fear of Covid??; fear itself weakens the immune system! If we protect and strengthen our immune systems, we stand a fighting chance of not getting it; or a better chance of survival.

I have passion to share how blessed I am to have good health. I have not gotten Covid??. Just this week an examining doctor checked my pulses, my arteries, my carotids. She pronounced them ‘clean.’ My blood pressure was 116/58. I shared with her what I’ve learned; and she agreed. So I have a dream.


It is my goal to inspire people to seek ways to build and maintain their own immunity. There is much we can do for ourselves to maintain or rebuild our health. I wish to provide helpful resources to make it easier for you; provide exciting ideas to make it fun to be healthy. If you have questions or need help, I am not a doctor; but I may connect you with concepts, books, people, tools and resources to help you in your quest of answering the question:  “What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?”
I must emphasise, I am not the Author of this information.  You, too, may find it in an old, old book, perhaps gathering dust in some attic, in a bookcase collecting dust, waiting to be tossed .  Maybe you already pitched the old relic of the book   ….the Bible.  I told you I would explain the name of this website: 

Healthy Garden Healthy You!   Maybe now is that time.  Coming right up!

Ciao to each of you along your way!

Surely Healthy

Welcome to Healthy Garden Healthy You – My Story

Welcome to Healthy Garden Healthy You


Everyone begins somewhere…

My kind began “In the Garden.” Generation after generation came and went, each beginning again, each with their passion, learning, and standing on the shoulders of ancestors before. Today I begin again, spirited, and adventurous at  age 73. Can you imagine starting Online Marketing at my age? Nor can I; but here I am!

Health challenged my life at age 64. I survived a stroke and learned some things. Now I have a dream.  My heart burns with passion for health and happiness .  I have a deep respect for the natural lifestyle that recovered my health and now keeps me well, without purpetual drugs.

Intense desire propels me to find a way to pay my way; my bank account dwindles while bills multiply; my reserves are near rock bottom. “I have this dream.” My family will not need to support me. I  found that for which I looked: a New Venture; A New Beginning!

Just this week an examining doctor checked my pulses, my arteries, my carotids. She pronounced them ‘clean.’ My blood pressure was 116/58. I shared with her what I learned, and she agrees. I will share why I am so happy about her report.           I  have passion to share how I am blessed with good health.

I have passion for writing; my Freshman Composition teacher cheered me on. I was even published, a delightful success at the time. Now, my goal is to earn comfortably in the marketing and affiliate marketing industry. I anticipate what I have yet to learn, following in the footsteps of my Wealthy Affiliate Friends before me.

Their examples encourage me to find my own trails and niches in life.  I want to complete my journey with a thriving business alongside, making healthy differences in the lives of my friends–YOU.  Many of you ask the same questions I asked years ago.  The answers I received improved my life and life expectancy.  My goal is reached when they find helpful answers to their questions.

Share something about your life that is could be interesting and relevant to your niche here. (several paragraphs)


My goal is reached when YOU find helpful answers to your questions.

Let us move to questions you may be asking:

  1. What ways maintain a healthy  lifestyle?
  2. Can I earn a living from home working part time during Covid days?
  3. You ask how I found Wealthy Affiliate?

Great questions. Three weeks ago I did not know about Wealthy Affiliate. Scrambling financially in this crazy world, I stumbled upon another system that sounded good: a ready-made method to success, a step in and learn as you earn. It was not cheap. As I explored their reality, I found the Wealthy Affiliate family.

  1. The reviews were flawless!
  2. It was affordable.
  3. Coaching–ah–exactly as needed for my lack of experience.

Twelve years ago. l quit training in Internet Marketing training, to care for my sick dad. The time together was precious;  I had the chance to know him better. The $12,000 I lost then was well worth the opportunity to become his friend. Today I begin again, following my two passions; I still have a dream.   What is the ‘I have a dream’ speech about?  Is it not about freedom?  Today I dream of being free from sickness: being healthy.  I dream of freedom from financial needs:  being a Wealthy Affiliate.  I dream that that which blessed me will soon you!

I anticipate success, sharing my journey with you, my Friends!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Surely Healthy