How I Use Lemons

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My Friend Simone, “What Do You Do with Your Lemon?” Your blog made a very good point. Use what you have on hand to bless others! That should be a way of life. Thank you for refocusing us on thoughtfulness for others. With apologies to you, I respond to some of the responses you received to your blog. There are other ways to use our lemons. I do not ignore the point of your blog, but here I answer your question: How do [I] use [my] lemons?

Lemons can be expensive. Sometimes they sit in my refrigerator and start to mold before I can use all of them. I needed to find more ways to use lemons, as they are very healthy foods. I have never set down with a lemon and eaten it like an apple. But I needed to find the best uses for lemons, and the most cost-effective ways to keep from losing their value in a pile of mold in my refrigerator!

First thing, it is good to know that the rind of lemons has as much value, and possibly more, than the juice of the lemon. But to use any lemon and get the most for my money, I start with the best lemons — ORGANIC — which do cost more money. If I use the WHOLE LEMON, it is worth that extra cost. Organic Lemons often keep longer, too; but using them as I will explain, the lemons will not sit in my refrigerator for long, growing mold as I scramble to use them before they rot.

I am not going to tell you how to use them for “The Master Cleanse,” which some of you already know, and is a very GOOD use of lemons in today’s society. But I will tell you how best to get my money’s worth out of good lemons while they are in season, and cost effective.

Regular lemons, as all citrus, are usually heavily sprayed with very toxic chemicals to prevent insect damage and disease problems. The chemicals may be difficult to remove; but you don’t want those chemicals to add to your diet! So start with the best: ORGANIC LEMONS.

One way you can quickly deal with lemons for the best ways to use lemons, wash them well, chop them into chunks, and blenderize them nearly smooth. Freeze the mash in ice cube trays, repackage and store in the freezer. That’s the simplest way, in a lemon peel.

I do not recommend that, however, because the strong peel flavor is mixed with everything else, and you have no way to control how much of that strong flavor you are mixing into your food. For some people, that works. I choose to use another way, which I consider the best uses for lemons.

1) Starting with the best lemons: Wash them well to remove any handling and transport dirt.

2) Cut Lemons in half and juice them. Pour the juice into ice cube trays and freeze. When frozen, empty cubes into storage bags and close securely. Now they can be stored and kept on hand to be used as normal lemon juice in many recipes. Allow time for cubes to thaw, or add to cooked foods, such as hot cooked spinach, stirring to melt. Lentil Soups team well with lemon, as the lemon is high in Magnesium, and aids digestion. It also gives a little spike in flavor.

3) Take the peel and thin-slice the rind. Turn and mince the rind the other direction. Place all the minced rind loosely in ziplock bags. Place in freezer along with the lemon ice cubes.

The rind, is a little more tart, so go easy until you know how much to add to your foods.

I like to take a tabelespoon of rind and mix it into my salads in place of lemon juice. Minced fairly fine, I do not even notice the rind in my salads. The same can be done with other foods, like over hot mashed potatoes. I make fruit and vegetable smoothies with a dash of lemon, juice or rind. Vegetarian cheese substitutes take well to citrus’ tart flavor. When cooking certain vegetables, the last minute addition of lemon juice or rind adds just the right seasoning to pique the flavor. Sit down to a hot cup of tea? Drop in a lemon cube to melt and cool.

If you try this and like the idea, I would be happy to know. But whether I know or not, I want you to get your money’s worth and find the best uses for healthy lemons in your diet choices.

This is my way to bless you in ways to use lemons.

Happy Eating,

Surely Healthy

3 thoughts on “How I Use Lemons”

  1. Hey there Surely. It was a pleasure meeting you a couple of days ago. Nice work on your site. Lemons are great for blending flavors in any juice and also allow the juice to last longer before going bad, although it’s probably best to drink juices as soon as possible to get as much of the Life force energy. They’re magic in that although they’re acidic, the are acauline in the body. Lastly, the most awesome way that I have found to use lemons is for deodorant. I have tried many natural ways to avoid chemically laden deodorant. Salt rocks or “natural” bars work to a degree but nothing has ever worked better and longer for me than fresh lemon juice. Interestingly, lemon juice that not fresh, like what is in the glass bottle many keep in the refrigerator, don’t work. Just a few drops on the palm of the hand and rubbed under the armpits after getting cleaned up, i.e. showering, keeps you smelling good all day. Haven’t used the “usual” deodorant that have all types of less than ideal things, sometimes aluminum, in years. I’ve encouraged many people to give it a try. Most don’t but the ones that have tried it have found the same effectiveness. Hope in health sister.

    • Josh,
      Thank you for your excellent comment. I have heard about using lemon for deodorant, but forgot that when writing this article.
      I have more recently been using magneseum oil as deodorant, which surprisingly has worked well for me. I like the concept of lemon.
      Thank you for visiting my site, and leaving me your message. I will have to try the lemon trick, as well!
      Surely Healthy


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