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Many people are looking for perfect health. What a great goal to have! Do we even know what that is??

What IS perfect health? Looking back to the beginning of life, the Creator formed man from certain elements of the soil. A handsome man lay on the soft grass. Not until Creator stooped to share His own Divine Breath did Man become alive. His brain started to function. Blood coursed through arteries, capillaries and veins. He took his first breath. That was the making of a living man. As we age, our extremities begin to chill as circulation diminishes. And when we die, the first thing others notice is that the blood stops circulating and breathing ceases. By definition, then,

“Perfect health is perfect circulation.”

Sickness, then, means anything that interferes with perfect circulation, whether it be flesh, bone or cartilage. Whether it be inflammation, injury or blockage, lack of fluids or nutrients. Our body functions depend on nutrition and fluids to do what they were designed to do. When those nutrients cannot reach the body parts because of poor circulation, we have a health problem. Our blood stream, the river of life, is essential to carry nutrition to the body, and take the toxins and waste from the body. With no way to transport through the body, we become sick. Our bodies function through circulation. This is the secret to perfect health. Perfect health natural way is anything we can do to maintain healthy circulation.

How can we improve circulation?

Natural Ways Improve Circulation

What are the ‘Natural Ways?’

The perfect world God made offer us several ways to improve circulation.

1. Water

Yes, drink plain pure water! Is this surprising? I once worked at a natural health clinic. We had a lifestyle guest come in who needed some blood work done. Try as we might, it was almost as bad as drawing blood out of the proverbial turnip. His blood was too thick to flow. His problem may have been too much cholesterol in the blood, which clogs the system. Water is the river the blood corpuscles flow on. Together with the minerals that normally flow through the blood, we need to drink enough water to maintain circulation!

Not only drinking adequate water, we need to use water outside our bodies, as well. Do you know that circulation may be stimulated through proper use of Hot and Cold water, applied to the body to produce stimulating effects to our system? Moderated Hot water draws the blood to the treated area. Brief Cold water pushes it away. Repeating Hot. Then Cold increases the circulation to that body part. Some problems are treated only with Cold, which will cool, then warm and draw the circulation to that area. The rosy glow on the skin pronounces our “Mission Accomplished!”

2. Sunlight

The rays of the sun carry healing in them. They purify and produce a healthy glow. They create the hormone Vitamin D3 through interaction on the skin. There are benefits from exposure to sunlight which we have yet to learn. Sunshine strengthens blood vessels, improves muscles and skin. Many of our diseases such as diabetes, heart issues, strokes, and others are benefited by “Fun in the Sun.”

Sunlight early in the day produces serotonin, which our body uses to produce melatonin, which helps us sleep better at night. Many people avoid sunlight, or work at night and miss daylight advantages. Most people live an indoor lifestyle, and would greatly benefit from planned sun exposure. Ten minutes a day of sunlight on the skin, even a small patch of skin the size of our faces, can give adequate sunlight, if we plan for sun exposure.

3. Moderation, Temperance,

Moderation, Temperance, is important. Sunshine strengthens blood vessels, improves muscles and skin; yet too much sunshine can burn the skin.

Few humans drink too much water; but there are healthy limits. Think: 1/2 your body weight in ounces is a good rule. Some people need more based on body weight, others less. AND, as you faithfully drink water, you may find your body looses weight, and you require less water!

4. Fresh Air

It is the work of the corpuscles to carry oxygen to the body, and toxins out of the body. Do we seek to breathe the cleanest air available daily? Go to the park and walk among the trees. Do you feel a sense of restoration? Trees are vital to life. Plants and greenery take our carbon dioxide and thrive on it, while expiring oxygen, which we greatly need. Human and animal life need trees and plants to purify our air, and share the benefits received from the exchange. Talk about the planning and wisdom of GOD! We should be protecting and respecting the forests. Look up the term ‘Forest Bathing.’ Try it sometime and see how you feel from the experience.

5. Rest

Sleep? Yes, sleep! Not too much, but the right amount at the right time of day! Stress is a killer. Rest is a healer. Rest between 9 pm and 2 am is golden time. The body restores itself, deals with toxins, heals during this precious time. Our “down time” lying prone, improves circulation in the whole body.

Sleep is vital to our health.

6. Exercise

Who doesn’t know that exercise circulates the blood? Moderation is good; no exercise, not good! If you cannot even stand, you can exercise your arms or legs, neck, etc. “Get a move on!”

7. Adequate Nutrition

The principle of VARIETY as in Eat the Rainbow colorful diet will provide many nutrients that encourage good circulation. Fruits, Nuts, Grains, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds–these provide the elements that promote good health.

8. Stress-Free Living

Relax! Trust in others, especially the Creator who authored the Principles of Health.

Remember: Perfect Health is Perfect Circulation. Perfect health natural way is anything we can do to maintain healthy circulation.

Wishing you WELL!

Surely Healthy

4 thoughts on “Perfect Health Natural Way”

  1. Shirley, this is an amazing article. It sounds a lot like stuff anyone should know, because God placed it in us to know, before everything got so jumbled up by man trying to be God. Now everybody is walking around trying to figure out what is going on, and how not to be fat and tired and depressed, and believing that the sun is deadly, like God messed up when he made it. It is all backwards!
    So many things in here that I would like to discuss. I’m going to bookmark this.
    Also do you mind if I share it with some people?

    • Thank you, Craig. I am glad you like these thoughts.
      Everything I write is hopefully of benefit, and is meant to be useful.. Please share.
      I can thank The Author of the Principles of Health for His free gifts of wisdom.
      It would be fun to talk about them.
      Surely Healthy

    • Thank you for your comments, Craig. Yes, I agree that we should know something about basic health principles. Some people do know principles of health. Do you think this is too elemental? Many people do not know basic principles for various reasons:
      1. They have not been taught to reason from cause to effect.
      2. We sometimes overlook the basics because we do not realize how important they really are.
      3. We may ignore what we know about health because we tend to neglect care for ourself. We tend devalue ourselves.
      4. Because these principles are simple, we may overlook their affect our health. When health begins to fail, we may not think to check our lifestyle for the cause.
      5. Conventional medicine promotes the concept that health begins with our doctor. Pills are considered the answer to every problem. The medical world keeps things technical so we depend on them for health care when we could evaluate our lifestyle to learn the cause of our problems.
      6. We have been taught that sickness and disease is to be expected as a natural result of aging.
      7. Many people rush to the doctor if they have a fever or get the sniffles. They are terrified by every sign and symptom. We have placed ourselves in the hands of medical people where they can manipulate us by fear. We could learn principles of health to care for ourselves.

      Craig, do you think this is true?

      Surely Healthy


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