Garden Principles: Life and Health

Garden Principles:  Life and Health

Beginning with CHAOS… 

Darkness is everywhere – there is NO LIGHT! Something is there, alright; but in that state it is “void” meaning, a big worthless mess. In such chaos, a mixed up mess of gases, liquids and solids we call “Matter,”  there is no support for life.

He tells us in His Word, The Bible. The story is in Genesis, which means “Beginnings,” Chapters 1 & 2. Would you like to follow along and compare?

Light and Night

A voice speaks: “Let there be light!”  When He speaks, things happen. Explosively, Light IS, Glorious Light, contrasting vast darkness. Light and Darkness do not mingle. Darkness withdraws in the presence of Light.

CREATION makes sense of chaos. Separating Light from Darkness, makes a time for rest, and a time for work. It is Good!

Air, Water and Land

Separating  Liquids from Gases, He creates Water to drink and Air to breathe.   It is Good!

He separates WATERS below AIR into one place, and MUD containing solids, – mineral elements – into another area.  As the Waters drain away,  Dry Land appears. There is Land, and Sea. Now He plants trees,  flowers and grass. Vegetation bears seed to reseed itself again. The water keeps plants alive!  Water of Life!  The Air contains gases including oxygen and carbon dioxide, two key gases to support life.  Plants need carbon dioxide while animal and mankind need oxygen to survive.  One takes in and expires for the good of the other, both plants and animals.  It is Good!

HE designs gentle lights–Stars and Moon–scheduling regular rest cycles of night. The Moon marks time into months and sets boundaries for Ocean Tides. Daylight from Sun warms the soil,  drawing moisture from earth to water plantlife with dew. Warmth brings healing and life to the World. The Sun marks days,  seasons, and years.  He uses the Sun for signs in the Heavens, the  Air Space between the Waters above and waters below.  The sun purifies the world.  It even becomes the source of hormones and nutrition for life.

From Chaos He has brought Order, and support for all Living things.It is Good.

Earth Now Supports Life!

Pure air with its life-giving oxygen, carbon dioxide supporting green trees and plants; other gasses abound in Earth, Air and Sea. Pure waters brought forth by night and day temperatures, condenses to dew, watering plants, and flows to streams to rivers to  Ocean. The sun draws moisture into clouds to repeat the cycle of watering plant and animal life.  Greenery provides food  for life, both on land and in sea.  Joy fills the atmosphere as He who has power to create anticipates the delights of His creations. Birds of all kinds fill the heavens, swooping, flying through the pure air, cheering the atmosphere with sweet unique tweets, whistles, and melodies, some at night, and most by day, . Multi-colored fish  jump and dive through clean Seas.  Each bird and fish reproducing themselves,  populate and fill sea and sky. So ends the activities of Night and Day Five. It is Good

Land Animals and Human Beings

The Creator of Earth and Heaven is not through. Excitement mounts as each creature is more spectacular than the previous. Today He will enjoy creating the Animals: tiny living creepy crawlies bring life to the soil and pollinators of trees and flowers; soft cuddly rabbits, happy wiggly puppies; aloof cats big and small, nocturnal and daytime creatures, cows and horses, deer, koalas and kangaroos, lemurs, bears, lions and tigers, leopards and pandas; what an array of textures, colors and personalities, some to work, some to enjoy, some to be friends, and all for pleasure.

The Creator reaches down and ruffles soft hair on  dog’s head as, waggling his tail. he lifts gentle eyes upward to the Creator. Creator laughs as  monkey waits his turn for love, then leaps directly into Creator’s arms, wrapping long furry arms about His Maker’s neck. With satisfaction the Creator sighs. There remains one deep longing in Creator’s heart. He wants to love and communicate, matching mind with mind, emotions and feelings with beings like Himself. Warm and happy relationships with the animals, leaves this one desire they cannot meet.

“I will create mankind with powers to think and to do, to plan and respond with willing hearts, to express mutual love and pleasing obedience, with freedom to choose.  Let us make MAN, like Ourselves.”

Creator’s Companion

He stoops to the soil, moistened by dew of heaven, and sculpts the form of mankind, with nose, mouth, eyes, hair, the form of a man, with every body organ in prime health. He is pleased. Breathing into his earthen form the breath of LIFE, man becomes a LIVING soul. He becomes the living Adam, the first human being, made of, humus, earth’s minerals, and the life-producing breath of his Creator. For the first time he fills his lungs with heaven’s pure air.  He opens his eyes and sees for the first time his Creator’s gaze looking down.  Man senses he is loved by His Maker.

Taking Adam by the hand, Creator lifts Adam to his feet. “Come, I have something to show you. Creator introduces Adam to each animal, bird and fish. “These are for YOU.”  Adam softly repeats, “For me?!”

“For you!” Creator repeats.

How unique and beautiful!  Adam thinks.  “What do you call them, Lord?”

“Adam, how would you like to name the animals?”

Adam studies them: their appearance, their characteristics, how they respond to him. Slowly an idea forms in his mind. “Elephant!” “Tiger.” “Ox.” “Monkey.” “Sheep.” And Creator smiles at Adam’s enthusiasm for each animal creation.

Each animal comes in pairs, male and female. He wonders, Where is my companion?  Suddenly he feels so alone, just as Creator God has felt–alone. Feeling tired, Adam relaxes on soft grass and falls deeply asleep. His Maker is glad that Adam notices his need for a companion.

Adam’s Companion

While Adam sleeps, Creator takes of Adam’s flesh, a rib from Adam’s side, and forms the most exquisite creature.  Awakening Adam, their Maker brings Eve to Adam’s side. Adam cannot take his eyes off Eve.  Eve looks back. Adam in his strength has a gentle companion to love and nurture, and to share life. They share happiness, love, purpose and responsibility. God reveals that their happiness, life and health will continue as long as they remain in His natural plan for Life and Health.  He created a perfect world; they must maintain it.

He gives them dominion over all creation, not to dominate, but to guide and nurture, as God nurtures them, as they nurture each other in love. Their joy has no limit. Creator, Adam and Eve and all  Creation receives to give. As they receive of God’s benefits; they share and pass it on. Even the water flows along, receiving and sharing its life-giving properties, supporting life along the banks of streams and rivers on the way to the ocean, which also receives to give back , watering the earth with mists. Peace, harmony and happiness are everywhere.

The Garden Home

Creator makes a Garden Eastward, giving the First Couple their wonderful wedding gift–a new home. Together, Creator, Adam and Eve rejoice.

DAY 6 was such a long, long day, but they are not tired. They just need to think and ask questions. In the quiet light of the moon, they relax, or walk through the Garden Home, thinking how wonderfully GOOD God is. How much He loves them. Their hearts respond in  love and praise for Him. The new world is VERY GOOD.

First Holiday – Remember NOT to Forget

Creation complete, Day 7 begins with evening’s rest. Creator, Adam and Eve enter into a Relationship of trust. The sun awaken them; they are eager to explore the wonders of their garden home, fresh from the hand of Love and Light. They have so many questions to ask.  Creator has so many answers and information to share.  Happiness fills the atmosphere. Creator overflows with  joy.  Adam and Eve Worship and praise their Creator for His marvelous works. The seventh day becomes a memorial to His creative power that completed this perfect world. Its sacred hours are filled with celebration; time to strengthen their friendship; to know each other better, more deeply than before.  As long as they remember the power and love of their Maker, they are secure in Life and Happiness.

He declares the Seventh Day a special day, “Sabbath” dedicated by the Lord God, specifically for man’s rememberance. So many questions were asked by the pair; and Creator answered them all. “Sabbath was made for Man to remember,” Creator said. The Principles of LIFE are complete. Life Instructions are shared.


In the Garden God Created the Principles of Health: As God created the earth, and populated it with plants, it all happened in proper order. Plants cannot exist without sunlight, soil nutrients, good water, and pure air. Before plants were made, the sunlight, dry land, and clean water were created. The birds, fish and animals needed soil, water, air and food before birds were made. His “crowning act of creation. Humanity—Adam and Eve—needed fresh air, pure water, sunlight, good nutrition, activity and exercise, a trusting relationship with their Creator. We find everything made in proper order. Humankind could not survive without clean air, pure water, sunlight, food to eat. They needed time boundaries, physical exercise (garden management), moderation, a positive relationship with their Creator, a life-supporting environment, and time to Remember, and worship their Creator every week.

The process of creation was life-sustaining. At the end of each day, God could look over His work and say, “It is GOOD.” At the conclusion of His work of Creation, all things were Good, YES, “VERY GOOD.” In fact, it was “Perfect.

How can Man improve on God’s Perfection?