What Ways Maintain Healthy Lifestyle?

History Twistory

My story began before I was born.  The health of my Family Tree meant healthy genes for me. 


My paternal grandfather passed away at 103. My paternal grandmother lived to 98 years old, and passed away from a stenosis. Although her doctor’s directives were NPO-nothing by mouth; all four care stations overlooked the message. She choked on oatmeal.

Healthy Gardening
Nurtured Garden Nurtures YOU!

Farmer Family

My maternal grandparents were farmers so we rarely thought, What ways maintain healthy lifestyle because many people lived that way. My parents and grandparents had gardens. We ate produce from our home garden, like many people in that time. We had fruits, berries, grains, vegetables, nuts and seeds but seldom did we eat commercial products created from chemicals and produce which many people commonly eat today, As children we ran free as lambs, surrounded by fresh country air and living a happy simple life.

Healthy Farm

When we moved away from the farm, we became dependent on farmers who did not ask, What ways maintain healthy lifestyle? Quality of milk and eggs decreased as quality of food and lifestyle deteriorated. Diseases among flocks and herds led to using antibiotics to keep cows and chickens from dying before being marketed; and soon humans thermselves became resistant to antibiotics.

Diet Dictator

Appetite did not dictate what I ate. When Mom gave me at 18 months old a spoonful of pureed red beets, I promptly blew it all over her pretty white blouse. But being required to taste by eating small portions every time they were served, asparagus, beets, cauliflower, and cabbage actually became favorite foods today. Gandma and Grandpa owned their own cows and chickens, feeding the cows hay and alfalfa while chickens ate grain laying mash, green weeds, and table scraps from the day’s meal. They ran outside in the sunshine every day, enjoying a healthy lifestyle, and gave us healthy golden eggs and rich creamy milk.

Away from the Farm

As time changes everything, we moved off the farm, becoming dependent on farmers who never asked, What ways maintain healthy lifestyle? The quality of milk and eggs decreased as quality of food and lifestyle deteriorated. Diseases among the flocks and herds required antibiotics to keep cows and chickens from dying before they could reach market; which in turn made humans resistant to use of antibiotics when people became sick.  As our world kept changing, almost imperceptibly at first, we now had to seriously wonder, “What ways maintain healthy lifestyle?” 

Since The War

Since the war, the stockpiled bomb making chemicals needed a new use. Government and business teemed together to market Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) as good garden fertilizer.  We still have N-P-K fertilizers on today’s market.   Trace nutrients deemed less important because they are required in small quantities, when available were often ignored. Plants, animals and humans need these trace elements for optimal health and growth; and their absence leaves all plants, animals and humans more vulnerable to pests and disease. Instead of looking for the cause of the problems, they searched for solutions to the symptoms. Another whole industry was born to deal with harmful insect plagues, and growing disease.

Where Did You Find This Food?

We missed “The Farm,” but quickly found other resources. Some of those farmers did not ask, What ways maintain healthy lifestyle, since their goals were to market eye-catching produce so they could support the costs of farming and provide enough income to send their children to college! Their farms grew and grew while for some the produce declined in nutritional value. At the same time in quiet places, small farmers saw another need; to improve agricultural practices and improve soil quality. They were quietly improving their land, and amazingly, their produce improved at the same time!

There Is A Difference!

Now the question is: “Where did you get these carrots? They taste so GOOD! –like I remember grandmother’s tasted when I was growing up.” Soil nutrition makes a difference, both in healthy plants and healthy people. Minerals do change food flavors. Healthy produce even keeps longer. Just buy two kinds of greens, one regular quality, and one organic , of same produce. Use the regular greens (before they spoil), then check the organic greens. Do they still look crisp and good? You be the scientist; the judge. Are you game? or content to stay the same? I’m looking for the Happy Healthy YOU!

Today’s Food Sources

If everyone asked, “What ways Maintain Healthy Lifestyle?” We would seek and find better ways. Farmers Markets host many different farmers. There are truck farms, small home gardens, hydroponic farms, greenhouses, baby greens farmers, chemical farmers, organic farmers. If you want, ask them about their processes and methods. Whereas we live in a messed up world, nothing is totally perfect! But we can look for the least dangerous chemicals, the most natural processes. Evaluate all for the healthiest ways.

To My Delight!
While out shopping, I found a great deal on delicious apples at a roadside market : juicy, crisp, tasty, almost organic; but the farmer used chalk powder to protect the apples from sunburn. Though not being an approved organic treatment, the chalk was easily washed off. Unfortunately for the farmer, they could not be called ‘organic.’ The apples were excellent and kept well. If you live near farms, drive around and look. You may find a sign saying, organically raised. Would it be worth the effort to inquire about their processes? Perhaps they might be inspired to better forms of agriculture, if they know for what people are searching.
...and NOW?

Todays stores offer more natural, healthy, organic produce following changes in the definition of the meaning ‘Organic.’ If we must purchase our foods through retail systems, we do our best to buy ORGANIC. When we control the processes of food production, we KNOW what is in our food! Have you considered becoming the gardener/ farmer yourself? Though you may become healthy yourself, when you control the Healthy Garden Yourself you greatly increase your health. My next article will explain how our gardens can impressively improve our health.
Great Tips for Starting Seeds, even for small gardens!

Healthy Gardens Make Healthy People.


Surely Healthy