This is My STORY


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To my new website: Healthy Garden Healthy You! I hope you enjoy what is here. In time, I will explain what this Title means, and what it can mean for You!

This is My STORY

Everyone begins somewhere…

My kind began “In the Garden.” Generation after generation came and went, each beginning again, each with their passion, learning, and standing on the shoulders of ancestors before. Today I begin again, spirited, and adventurous at age 73. Can you imagine starting Online Marketing at my age? Nor can I; but here I am!

Health challenged my life at age 64; I did not expect to have a stroke. In the hospital the next morning, eating breakfast I went hungry! One-third of my Scrambled Tofu, one of my favorite foods, made it from the tray to my mouth; the rest fell into the 8″ gap between the tray and my mouth! I felt like a pig making such a mess, and still hungry! I needed help just to get out of bed to go to the bathroom! In two weeks I was expected to play my violin with 4 other people in a 2,000 member church. My hands were weak. My fingers would not obey my brain. Would I recover enough to play with my musician friends? I could not let them down! While still in the hospital, I prayed, “Lord, please help me regain strength and ability.” I flexed my fingers again and again, and continued to pray. Two weeks later, I walked up 8 steps to the platform and played with my friends; God helped me. It took longer for me to regain word recall. Mid-sentence, I knew what I wanted to say, but could not find some words.

Let me be clear: hospitalized, a doctor put me on medicine to prevent further strokes. Released to go home, I expected to take medicine the rest of my life; even medicine that eventually causes the very problem from which I want to be free (Yes, read the fine print under: Side Effects,) I searched diligently for the causes of my stroke, and worked to rebuild my walking and balance. Practicing my violin developed the damaged parts of my brain. But “What ways maintain a healthy lifestyle?”

Seeking Answers

Taught to reason from Cause to Effect, my mind mulled this concept: “Disease does not causeless come.”

There are reasons that we get sick. I want to know: What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle? I searched out answers to my questions. Now I know why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important! I started asking questions like, “What ways maintain a healthy lifestyle?” I needed answers because I refused to stop living. Reading, listening and experimenting with information, I wanted the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Now I have a dream. My heart burns with passion for health and happiness. My passion is to share with others the things I have learned and experienced, maybe in time to prevent you and others from having to endure a stroke or other lifestyle breakdowns. Medical care is not always remedial. How much better to prevent the calamity before it happens. I did not see it coming, but I could have. Looking back, there were many reasons I had a stroke.

Are you a candidate for a stroke? Heart disease? other diseases? Do you know: “What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?”

How Blessed I Am

Today I teach classes and speak fluently. I play the violin at church. Most people do not know I had a debilitating stroke 12 years ago. Just this week an examining doctor checked my pulses, my arteries, my carotids. She pronounced them “clean.” My blood pressure was 116/58. I shared with her what I’ve learned; and she agreed.

I have passion to share how blessed I am with good health. As my bank account dwindles and bills multiply, my reserves sit near rock bottom. “I have this dream,” that my family will not need to support me. I have intense desire to find a way to pay my way; I think I have found the solution: a New Venture; A New Beginning! By sharing healthful information with people wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we can both be winners. Caring for health saves medical bills.  What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  Quality of life improves; avoiding costly medical issues; add joyful priceless dimensions to life. Who would not want to live like that?

I recently joined a group of Wealthy Affiliates who are showing me how to spread the word about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By sharing what I know can accomplish both goals while benefiting You!

I enjoy writing. My Freshman Composition teacher cheered me on. I was even published, a delightful success at the time. Now, I want to earn comfortably in the affiliate marketing industry while making information and resources available to you so you can learn what is maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  You may share your blessings with others, a very good feeling, indeed!

I am encouraged to find my own trails and niches in life. I want to complete life’s journey with a thriving business alongside, while making healthy differences in the lives of my friends–that’s YOU. Many of you ask the same questions I asked years ago. The answers I received improved my life and life expectancy. My goal is reached when you find helpful answers to your questions, and ways to improve YOUR life. You may even be so happy at the changes in your life, (whatever they are), that you would also like to share your blessings as I am today!

Do you ever ask yourself: What ways maintain a healthy lifestyle? Maybe you can save yourself an experience like mine.


How blessed I am with good health. My heart burns with passion for health and happiness. It brings me great happiness to bless others as I have been blessed. The answers are simple, something most people can do. The freedom from depression, the lack of sickness, the saving money in medical bills, all promote happiness. I am not saying that you will never get sick. All of us have health strengths and health weaknesses. Our success of living a happy life comes much easier if we take charge of our own health. Who knows our own bodies better than we ourselves? We can train ourselves to be body-conscious.

It is far better to prevent disease than to maintain disease. Health care does not always have to be remedial. Medical care, on the other hand, is mostly maintaining the disease. People often talk about “their disease” as if it were a badge of honor. Unless you want to be sick, and find your identity in sickness: diabetes, stroke, heart disease, whatever your problem, there is more joy in living well than in suffering the effects of being sick, maintaining disease. Maybe this applied information,  can PREVENT your illness and MAINTAIN your health, instead of MAINTAIN your sickness.

Are you a candidate for a stroke? Heart disease? Covid??? Ask yourself the question, “What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?”

In Covid?? These Days, having good immunity is to our advantage! Many live in fear of Covid??; fear itself weakens the immune system! If we protect and strengthen our immune systems, we stand a fighting chance of not getting it; or a better chance of survival.

I have passion to share how blessed I am to have good health. I have not gotten Covid??. Just this week an examining doctor checked my pulses, my arteries, my carotids. She pronounced them ‘clean.’ My blood pressure was 116/58. I shared with her what I’ve learned; and she agreed. So I have a dream.


It is my goal to inspire people to seek ways to build and maintain their own immunity. There is much we can do for ourselves to maintain or rebuild our health. I wish to provide helpful resources to make it easier for you; provide exciting ideas to make it fun to be healthy. If you have questions or need help, I am not a doctor; but I may connect you with concepts, books, people, tools and resources to help you in your quest of answering the question:  “What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle?”
I must emphasise, I am not the Author of this information.  You, too, may find it in an old, old book, perhaps gathering dust in some attic, in a bookcase collecting dust, waiting to be tossed .  Maybe you already pitched the old relic of the book   ….the Bible.  I told you I would explain the name of this website: 

Healthy Garden Healthy You!   Maybe now is that time.  Coming right up!

Ciao to each of you along your way!

Surely Healthy

3 thoughts on “This is My STORY”

  1. So inspiring! Sickness and disease are man-made. I am currently working on an article about strengthening the immune system. And I am going to mention the best way to strengthen it (and tell me if I am wrong), which is allowing it to do what it does!
    Can I share this on Facebook?

    • Craig, Have you ever heard of “The Eight Natural Remedies?” We can assist our immune systems in doing their job. Thank you for your comments, Shirley

  2. The immune system was DESIGNED by God to keep us well and healthy.
    The 8 Natural Remedies are part of God’s plan to maintain immunity.
    We block the immune system’s ability by not following God’s original plan.
    God designed our world to promote health. To understand Natural Immunity/Health, go back to Genesis 1. The design of the world was GOOD/PERFECT to promote health. What aspects of health do you see in the creation story? For a long time I could not see how creation facilitated health. Recently, God’s plan now makes sense.


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