Many people today are asking, What ways maintain health?

More people ask this than ever before. They seek to stay well amid st a storm of sickness. Some people call it a pandemic. Others say plandemic. Whatever your line of “truth” the answer is vital. Our lives are threatened from many directions. It seems that the answer holds the key to our staying well, and sometimes, even ALIVE!

Let us return to a page I posted about the creation of the world. Here is a prominent fact. Take heed:

The Creator of ‘the Garden’ was the Author of the Laws of Life!

The WAYS that maintain health actually came from “The Garden Principles of Life and Health. God created Health. He created the most healthy environment. What ways maintain health? What was the perfect environment that promoted good health?

If you have ever read the Bible, you will find that the generations that came from the Garden lived 930 years; 969 years; 830 years… You get the picture. Do you know anyone who lived that long? Not in our generations! In fact, people in our lifetime rarely live even to 120 years. Do you know any of them? There have been a very few.

At the time of the flood, a few people lived +/- 600 years. The plus or minus hardly mattered. 600 years is still a long time to live. What reduced their longevity by 200-300 years? There was a change in their diet after the flood. That is another topic we could cover, later. May it be said that people before the flood started forgetting ways maintain health. Diet must be important. Ways maintain health must matter. By the time of King David, he noted that the average life span of man is “3 score and 10 years.” That means 70 years.

When the world was created, at the completion the Creator said, “It is very good!” What does “very good” mean, anyway? Is that something that should be changed? Should people try to change something that is ‘very good?’

“The perfect world was life sustaining, and begs the question: ‘How can perfection be improved?'”

How can perfection be made any better? Something to think about, isn’t it?

Here is what I think. See if you agree with me. I’d like to know!

How can mankind make perfection better? Humans cannot improve what GOD has made.

We find wherever the hand of man has touched, life-giving properties have been destroyed. Where we seek to follow His life-promoting Health Principles, He works with us, showing us better ways.

What are these life-promoting principles? let us review what happened at creation to learn ways maintain health!

garden principles:

Let us name them:

1. Adequate Daily Rest

2, Fresh Air

3. Pure Water

4. Sunshine

5. Good Nutrition

6. Physical Exercise

7. Moderation Temperance Balance

8. Trust in Divine Power

9. Selfless Living

10. Educate Yourself

Our water is polluted. Our air is polluted. Soils have been polluted and depleted. Foods have been altered and raised unnaturally. Our food has been depleted of vital nutrients because our soils have been devitalized from poor farming practices. The lifestyle of mankind has come so FAR from the Principles of Health, that it is impossible for humans to return as a nation, or as the world, to God’s Principles of Health. But we are not hopeless! Individually we can make the CHOICE to move as close as possible to Creation’s Principles of Health and Happiness.

The closer in this life that we can come to the way God designed our world, the healthier and happier we will be. We must make intentional CHOICES. As others seek to make those choices FOR us, we must seek the Wisdom of our Maker, Lover of our Lives. Is it possible? Let us educate ourselves. These ways maintain health. 

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