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WELCOME to healthymyself.com. I am so glad that you have  interest in learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. HealthyGardenHealthyYou seeks to provide information,  selected products and supplies,  methods and resources to support you in your decision to improve your life.

What is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, anyway?? Let’s learn together.  I think you will be surprised at the results.
I have experience that may benefit you, whatever health challenges you are facing.  Search; it is well worth the effort.

The break-down of health is now of pandemic proportions.  We must be Intentional about how we maintain a healthy life!  Disease thrives when we do nothing.  We want to thrive free of disease.

HealthyGardenHealthyYou is here to help…Please enjoy a look-around.

 Yours to a Happy Healthy Future,

Shirley Heisey



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